IMPACT RP® rotary dies represent a breakthrough technology in the folding carton industry for solid rotary tooling. These dies provide significantly longer die life over conventional rotary dies while maintaining cutting quality and minimizing waste by using shearing blades on both the upper and lower dies. The unique shearing action of our RP® dies assures the best cut quality and the longest die life when cutting materials suitable for this cutting process. RP stands for rotary pressure and offers a wide variety of die options with various steel alloys and hardening techniques.

Below are 7 reasons to use RP® Dies:

  1. Cleanliness of cut
  2. Durability
  3. Burr-free cutting
  4. Low operator maintenance
  5. High-speed operation
  6. In-die scrap stripping
  7. Perfect creasing, scoring, and embossing

RP® dies achieve cutting by using straight edged cutting blades utilizing a shearing action between the upper and lower blades when they initially contact the substrate. Mechanical action of the straight edges force the substrate to shear apart resulting in a clean cut at the point of separation. Ideal materials for this type of die cutting include a wide variety of high-density materials, including highly abrasive media. The ability to change RP® dies in their modules in a matter of minutes maximizes productivity by minimizing downtime during changeover, increasing line capacity and resulting in the lowest possible cost-per-thousand in the industry.

RP® Die Advantages:
• Cleaner material cut edge
• Longer wear cycles between sharpenings
• Stronger blade design
• No metal-to-metal contact between blades
• More resharpenings possible (longer die life)

RP® Die Disadvantages:
• Higher die cost since upper and lower cylinders need to be machined
• More complex make-ready
• Increased complexity in running adjustments
• More complex waste stripping