Deep Cryogenic Treatments

Negative Temperatures, Positive 

And Lasting Results


The Cryo Treatment

The purpose of cryogenically treating steel is to normalize and stabilize the metal by creating a modified and uniform grain ( crystal) structure. With a cryogenic treatment, the steel is frozen in liquid nitrogen to -300º F. This transforms tooling into extremely high-quality and durable material in the industry. Unlike coating, cryogenic treatment of dies does not detract from the blade quality and sharpness. Each application is unique, but the majority of customers report up to a 100% increase in run-time before die reconditioning vs their non-cryo treated dies.

The benefits of cryogenic treatment are not just for the initial run of the tool, but throughout the life of the tool. This premium treatment transforms the steel’s microstructure to provide a more durable blade so that you run longer between sharpenings.

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