Design Services

Custom Design To Fit Your Unique Project

IMPACT Converting & Systems Solutions specializes in full-service design to meet the needs of your project. Custom roll designs, feasibility assessments help aid in configuration and compatibility with your machinery.

Our Research and Development process consists of offering the concept, proposal, and product or system prototype. Unless we have complete confidence that the solution can move seamlessly from concept to production, we will continue to design and test until the whole package fits your needs. Customers don’t have to go to multiple sources or accept changes to their already validated design for production. IMPACT introduces an engineering emphasis so that it can innovate for all customers, creating a standardized/centralized technology database.


Services include:

  • Dielines for quality check gauges to assure part accuracy and ISO compliance
  • Customized roll design based on your particular press configuration
  • Custom inserts for vacuum slug removal
  • Feasibility assessment of your web layouts and part configuration
  • Application-specific press station and accessory design
  • Layout analysis to minimize waste
  • Prototyping

Extensive material experience allows us to optimize the parameters of your die, such as blade angles, sharpness, rout depth, and cavity spacing so that your job is profitable and hassle-free.

R & D Proof of Concept

Rotary System Solutions: Engineering, Build, & Testing

At IMPACT, we’re dedicated to cultivating our truly world-class R&D Proof of Concept program. We provide rotary system solutions that include developmental and proof of principle engineering, build, and testing. We’ve proven ourselves time and again as leaders in the field, providing concepts and testing of unique die cutting, converting, and assembly processes by developing innovative equipment and tooling configurations.

The wealth of experience we’ve gained over the decades positions us to quickly and effectively combine innovations and solutions from our various successful projects with the specific needs of the project at hand. Frequently the end result of our work is patentable and offers our customers long-term innovation and competitive advantages in their markets. We also offer a wide array of proven, turn-key systems that we’ll customize to a greater or lesser extent depending on your singular needs and goals.

New and unique products are some of our favorites to work with, as these items require innovative solutions in order to be produced cost-effectively. IMPACT’s lengthy experience in this arena allows us to draw upon concepts and solutions from across many industries. Our broad knowledge base allows us to provide you with entirely new systems never before thought possible, giving you a competitive edge. We’ve done this very thing for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and we’d love to do this with you, too!

We are successful precisely because of our aptitude for increasing speed, decreasing complexity, simplifying processes and adding the capability to existing equipment. Where possible we develop non stop continuous motion workflows to replace inefficient start/stop indexing equipment greatly improving production output. IMPACT has all of the technology, insight, and experience needed to serve as your R&D department, and we’re happy to put our creativity and proven record of success to work for you.

Our Design Process

The Moment of IMPACT

IMPACT’s industry knowledge is deep and vast, with experience and solutions for the growing demands of its customers’ converting needs. The experts at IMPACT look several steps downstream at its customer’s customers. The company can create a “moment of impact” when the consumer sees its product. IMPACT gives them the resources of experience, knowledge, and solutions to create – their moment of impact.

Customers benefiting from IMPACT’s one-stop-shop offerings include large national integrators with 200-300 facilities producing a wide range of items. They gain efficiencies by having one company service them. Converting is more than just cutting a box – it’s also folding, creasing, scoring it, making an opening feature that will tear when it’s supposed to but not before. IMPACT has found that most converters will use a combination of means to convert, cut, crease, and fold material. IMPACT is incentivized to offer the best solutions that meet all its customers’ requirements.

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