A customer in the UK designed a system of 2 meter high .002 thick polypropylene cut into 1inch wide “blades of grass” that could be anchored in rivers and in the ocean that by slowing the movement of water and letting sediment fall and bury the grass and would reinforce dock and bridge pilings. The required part was 2 meters wide poly film cross cut entirely across the web every 1 inch all the way except for 4 inches. The part was extremely wide for such a thin material and the die cut web had no integrity after die cut to continue processing or even rewind. The material thickness made cutting precisely extremely difficult if not impossible at the 2 meter width. The 2 meter high web needed to be fan folded at 2 meter long intervals creating a 2 meter by 2 meter pack that would be deployed on the river and ocean bottoms. The customer made inquiries in the UK and Europe looking for solutions to the product manufacturing issues and was recommended by multiple people to seek out IMPACT!


IMPACT systems designers came up with a system design that addressed the various problems. The 2 meter wide web was folded almost in half. This narrowed the web and made the material being die cut thicker, making rotary die cutting practical. Perforations were added between the 1 inch cuts to retain web integrity and stability, (that would be broken by a comb later in the process) allowing the die cut parts to be continuously rewound.


IMPACT provided a solution where others had not been able to. With this being a pilot test project IMPACT supplied a production system based on new and used pieces of equipment keeping the cost in budget that was able to produce reliable product at required speeds. IMPACT’s out of the box thinking and innovation in partnership with the customer collaborated to make changes in the product design and the process to create a viable product and production system!