Cut peelable membrane with a folded tab and seal it to a metal ring that can be sealed to paper tube style containers used for peanut packaging. This lid was designed to replace all metal lids that could be torn open leaving a ragged edge possibly endangering consumers. The newly designed lid has rolled metal edges on the metal ring to which a peelable membrane was sealed.


IMPACT’s system engineers designed a turn-key system to produce production volumes of sealed and inspected lids. The system die cut the tab, folded and tacked the tab, and vacuum transferred multiple lanes of membrane to heated metal rings traveling on a featured metal belt and ironing a seal between the membrane and the metal ring to ridged specifications. 100% of the rings were inspected for pin hole and seal leaks at speed prior to delivering the rings into horizontal batches for packaging. Tab die cutting, membrane die cutting, ring feed and transfer were all registered to each other to maintain precise tolerances


Multiple systems were provided that manufactured this product to very demanding specifications on a production basis. Up time and scrap rates exceeded the customer requirements. This customer initially came to IMPACT with a request to cut the membrane shape. Further discussions revealed the entire process which included multiple separate operations that Bernal ended up integrating into one production system eliminating costly labor and part handling. The new lids solved an issue with the previous design used to package various food products where raw metal edges were a safety hazard for children.