We have a customer, a tier one automotive supplier, that was cutting a product that contained multiple layers of material. They had been running the same product successfully for many years until they had to replace one of the layers with a material that contained glass. This material was very abrasive and caused severe anvil and die wear. Their dies normally lasted over 2 months before needing repair, now they required refurbishing – every 2 weeks!


IMPACT re-designed their dies to utilize replaceable insert blades, an anvil with a proprietary coating, and we designed an innovative gearing arrangement that would allow the cutting blade to meet the anvil in a different place on every revolution. This allowed the entire surface of the anvil to be utilized and did not require any modifications to their existing die cutting stations. 


Upon completion and delivery of the first unit, a short test run was scheduled to confirm the parts had remained in tolerance and everything worked as designed. After a comprehensive quality check was completed, the cutting station was scheduled for its first production run. The production run was a great success. The die and anvil combination lasted 3 months, 6 times longer than their standard die set cutting this very abrasive material.  Although this new die and anvil set up had a higher initial cost, the unit more than paid for itself in reduced repair cost, die replacement, and reduced downtime. All this saved the customer over 20% in tooling costs which reduced their cost per 1000 parts.