A customer of Bernal that was using Bernal RP® dies in a competitor’s cutting module frame, was experiencing less than expected die life which included inconsistencies in their ability to maintain extremely tight percentage-cut tolerances within an already challenging carton structure. Bernal was contacted and asked to perform a structural study which included a heat study that measured the growth of the die cylinders in addition to the stability of our competitors cutting module frame.


After both the structural and heat studies were completed, results revealed the issues that were keeping our customer from achieving the ultimate success that met their expectations; Based on the results, Bernal was able to custom design a more robust and precise Bernal Cutting Module frame with a temperature controllable oil circulating lubrication system that adapted to our competitors existing equipment and stabilized the environment in which the RP dies were operating.


Since our customer has been able to structurally support and control the environment in which their Bernal RP dies reside, carton quality expectations have been maintained, waste has gone down considerably and less downtime has been recognized and associated in making adjustments to the critical percentage-cuts that originally exposed the weaknesses and provided the merit for the request to perform both the structural and heat-growth study.