A large international customer’s project had two separate parts they wanted to produce for an application, however, one product had different interior features. Upping the scale was that these products were going to be in time sensitive production that would require a duplicate module and die set for back up in case of damage or while one set was being sent in for service. The second product also had a much lower volume, limiting the justification for significant additions in equipment cost.  If each part required back up modules, the customer would have needed four modules and die sets total pushing the project significantly over budget and jeopardizing it as a whole.


While consulting with the customer, we went over project details in depth and the parts the customer were looking to produce. Recognizing that a significant amount of the part’s layout was similar, we quickly set about trying to make the tooling flexible and adaptable.  Utilizing a feature called segmentation, IMPACT was able to make the interior features removable from the tooling so that both parts could run on the same set of dies. 


With being able to reduce the scope of the project from four modules and die sets down to only two, the project cost for IMPACT’s equipment was cut in half.  Due to the material being a wide web application requiring very large-scale equipment, this meant a significant cost savings of over $200,000 and keeping costs within a budget that enabled the project!

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