Design a two roll station on a base with controls to rotate and heat a pair of 12 inch diameter rolls with forming shapes to a controlled 1000 degrees f for a heat forming application.


Design forming rolls with electrical heaters capable of 1000 degrees f at the exterior of the rolls.  Using multiple piece construction, ceramics and ceramic coatings were used to insulate and manage heat movement through the roll to eliminate the need to liquid chill shafts and bearings.  Using high temp insulation materials, Bernal created a heat containment structure in the cutting frame to reduce heat migration from the rolls to the cutting station. Specific roll materials that can maintain strength and stability at these high temperatures and still function were selected and utilized.


IMPACT was able to maintain the specified temperature while not allowing temperatures to exceed 150 degrees f at the bearings, allowing the use of commercially available high temp lubricants.  The heat containment structure internal to the cutting station was efficient enough to only let the station get warm to the touch.  IMPACT was able to maintain the strength and stability in the forming rolls at the 1000 degree operating temperatures and the  customer was able to test his future product concepts in a POP program.