Our customer, who is a major food product manufacturer, contacted IMPACT due to die life issues they have been experiencing on their production food processing equipment. With high volumes required daily and uptime being extremely important, losing production and having to replace and buy new rotary tooling every 4 – 6 weeks was an issue for the customer. That is when they asked IMPACT to design and build them a die that will accurately cut their product and extend die life to eliminate as much downtime as possible.


IMPACT’s experienced engineering and manufacturing teams visited the customers location to inspect and analyze the issue and equipment. After reverse engineering the food processing equipment and working alongside the customers engineers, we were able to incorporate our dies into their existing process with added rigidity and precision. IMPACT stood behind the tooling and guaranteed the customer 16 weeks of die life before the tool would need to be repaired or replaced.


After meeting the customers requested completion date, IMPACT manufactured and successfully installed a high precision rotary die at the client’s location. After 4- 6 weeks of production, the customer was now getting 4x times the die life with improved cut quality. This eliminated their downtime and die life issue, which resulted in producing more product, saving the customer time and money.

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