IMPACT had provided three new die cutting modules and stations to go inline with the customer’s existing process line to die cut and take-away the waste for multi-layer poly trash bags. The cutting tools are quick-changing for removal or replacement when it was necessary for the tool to be repaired. This project was successful by increasing tooling life and decreasing changeover time. The previous tooling setup required repair or replacement every 1000 revolutions and did not optimize the tooling and production due to cost.


IMPACT had developed a new process to manufacture rotary tooling with high chemistry materials. IMPACT’s development team worked closely with this application to develop the process to support the need required by the customer to meet product cost and effectiveness. This product was designed to reuse the base materials and remove and redeposit the cutting blade material over multiple uses with extended die life between each cycle.


IMPACT’s ‘New’ Patented Tooling ultimately increased product volume between sharpening and expanded tool life 4-times to 3.2 million revolutions. This increase not only improve the life of the tools but, also justified process as well as enhancing the financial returns to the customer.