Design and build a narrow web off-line liquid packaging cutting and creasing system for emerging markets and third world applications. Major markets were being served by medium and wide web systems both off-line and in-line with printing presses. The existing systems used more costly cutting dies and creasing tooling that required higher volumes of product.


IMPACT designed a narrow web off-line folding carton system for the liquid packaging market that was only one lane of product in width. Lowering the cost of the equipment and the tooling substantially. Simplifying the unwind system and the delivery system helped lower the cost of the system. Smaller dies and modules made tool change overs much faster to support more product variations and shorter runs.


IMPACT partnered with a major supplier of liquid packaging systems and tooling and marketed the low cost narrow web liquid packaging system worldwide. Quick change overs and lower tool costs were achieved while maintaining the benefits of long life solid rotary dies and creasers. The smaller line solid crush cut rotary dies required less technical expertise on the part of the end user and his production team resulting in more uptime and less scrap.