How IMPACT’S Tech Team Used Training in Preventative Maintenance to Exceed Customer’s Goals

When undertaking internal quality improvement processes, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees. For one carton manufacturer suffering downtime and increasing service requests, it became clear that they needed to diagnose and correct a constellation of issues that were impacting both quality and press speeds. They sought outside expertise to both see the big picture, and address the smallest details. That’s where IMPACT’s tech team came in.


In addition to the downtime and increasing field service requests, our customer was experiencing a high employee turnover rate. They struggled to maintain good carton quality while also trying to achieve faster consistent press speeds that exceeded the historical figures of their particular cutting system. IMPACT was asked if they could visit the facility, evaluate and diagnose problems, and offer solutions which would help get them back on track. The critical goal: increased press speed while maintaining superior carton quality.


IMPACT’s team of experts visited the customer’s location to examine and evaluate the conditions in which the tooling was operating. They identified the root cause of the issues at hand. A training program that educated newer employees on how to properly perform preventative maintenance to all of their Crush/Cut and RP® Hard Tools was devised and implemented. Maintaining the die blade cutting surfaces, gears, stripping details, and finger bar assist components were key components of the program.


Thanks to the customized training, the carton manufacturer now maintains superior carton quality on a consistent basis and has been able to achieve higher press speeds. Employees also experienced greater job satisfaction and felt empowered in successfully completing their jobs. IMPACT not only met the customer’s expectations, but exceeded their original goal.


If you’ve got a tough job, need to improve efficiencies, and require the expertise of leading engineering innovators to devise a complete solution to your problem, IMPACT is here to help.