A customer of IMPACT was experiencing issues with downtime, and field service requests were becoming very common. At the same time that these issues were taking place, our customer had been experiencing a high employee turnover rate and were struggling to maintain good carton quality while also trying to achieve faster consistent press speeds that exceeded the historical figures of this particular cutting system. IMPACT was asked if they could visit the facility and offer solutions which would help our customer get back on track, and help them meet their new goals for increased press speed while maintaining superior carton quality.


IMPACT’s experienced Service and Sales Teams visited the customers location to examine and evaluate the conditions in which the tooling was operating. Bernal then provided the customer with a training program that educated the newer employees on how to properly perform preventative maintenance to all of their Crush/Cut and RP® Hard Tools, which included maintaining the die blade cutting surfaces, gears, stripping details, and finger bar assist components.


Since the implementation of the PM program, employees are following the program that was customized by IMPACT to meet the needs of the plant. Our customer is now maintaining superior carton quality on a consistent basis and have been able to achieve the higher press speeds that not only meets their expectations, but also exceeds their original goals.