In the early 1980’s one of the challenges rotary die manufactures faced being a supplier in the packaging industry was the absence of accurate, long-lasting, high speed tooling able to cut abrasive materials at high production volume demands. Tooling able to withstand the beating a rotary die would suffer in production from cutting rough materials was in need and IMPACT desired to be the first to the industry with a solution.


With the industries need and customers want in mind, the IMPACT engineering team went to the drawing board and developed the solid Rotary Pressure (RP®) die in 1984. This type of tooling is manufactured by IMPACT’s patented electric discharge machining (EDM) manufacturing process and has allowed IMPACT to accurately produce a set of RP dies by using shear type blades on both the upper and lower cylinders. The unique “shearing action” of the RP dies has eliminated the need for metal-to-metal contact between the upper and lower dies, preserving the sharpness and integrity of the blades.


Rotary pressure tooling was a game changer for the industry and IMPACT was the first to successfully develop the technique, which has allowed our customers to accurately cut product running at 1,500 feet a minute. As a result, RP tooling has lowered the customers cost per thousand and tripled their die life. Our customers  RP tooling can successfully cut a wide variety of materials where the tools can last 10 – 500 million revolutions before sharpening!