A large American multinational company approached IMPACT looking for custom equipment to help process waste material so that it could be recycled.  These left-over scrap sheets resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste going to the landfill and the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of this valuable material every year. The customer needed to process these sheets into compressed pellets to enable their recycling.


IMPACT’s skilled engineering and manufacturing team worked with the customer and initially proposed a small-scale proof-of-principle piece of equipment to test out the ability of the material to be compressed and cut to size reliably.  IMPACT worked with the customer to trial different sizes of the final compressed pellets and also tested heated tooling options to help shape and form the pellets until a satisfactory result was attained that could be formed reliably.


The proof of principal trial equipment worked so well the customer put it into full use in their facility despite the original intention, it would only be used for testing. The customer then excitedly ordered the full-scale equipment.  Once completed, the production equipment went on to help the customer reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars in material a year enabling the machine to quickly pay for itself and avoiding the waste material entering a landfill.