IMPACT was asked to integrate with an Italian tea bag machine modified to fill bags with coffee and wrap each coffee bag in its own sealed and nitrogen flushed single serve pouch. The pouch would be pre-printed and registered to itself front and back and to the coffee bag inside. The pouches with coffee bags inside would be handed off to a Canadian carton filling system. Rotary dies and rotary sealing was to be the core tooling used in the system.


IMPACT designed a servo driven system that unwound preprinted foil laminate pouch material guiding, slitting and registering the print to rotary cross seals and rotary running seals. The printed web was slit and the two webs had identical web lengths to the cross seal keeping the front and back registered as printed offsetting any pre-print errors. An integrated conveyor timed the coffee filled bags to the pre-printed pouch web feeding the bags to the sealing rolls that were electrically heated and were closed-loop temperature controlled. Nitrogen was flooded into the pouch as the final cross seals were made. Heated rolls were geared with orbiting geared drives allowing substantial retraction while staying in register. After being sealed and nitrogen filled, the pouch and bag were cut off by a rotary cutter and delivered to the carton filling system. The Bernal portion of the system followed an encoder mounted on the Tea Bag Machine so the Bernal System would be slave to the speed and position of the bag production. The Carton filling system followed the Bernal System for a uniformly timed system.


All speed and function requirements were met by the IMPACT Packaging Die Cutter including the 400 ppm speed. Initially, the customer expected to need a vision system to be a part of quality control, but the part consistency, quality and uptime was such that no vision system was needed. The entire system had a vibration to the motion that turned out to be a result of the use of a variety of cams and intermittent motion devices in the Tea Bag Machine that the IMPACT System and the Cartoner was faithfully following. IMPACT repLaced the Tea Bag System, Carton System Motors and controls with its servo system and had all three systems follow a virtual master eliminating any mechanical motion variation from affecting the overall system function. The customer went on to purchase multiple systems and roll out a unique national product.