IMPACT has a customer that supplies folding cartons to a Fortune 50 company and they were repeatedly in danger of missing delivery commitments to their largest, most important customer because of constant maintenance issues. They were losing valuable run time when they had to stop production to clear the scrap buildup from around stripping pins, in the comb slots, and replacing worn stripping combs. IMPACT was called in to evaluate the problem. We went to the customers plant to observe and quickly realized that paper fibers were building up around the pins and this was not allowing the scrap to be properly impaled. This buildup was causing the edges of the comb slot to wear rapidly which significantly reduced the stripping efficiency of the comb.


IMPACT designed and manufactured a seal to fit tightly around the stripping pins so that the paper fibers would no longer be able to build up around the pins. We also modified the existing comb assembly to include an air manifold that allowed us to install nozzles that would direct air precisely into the comb slots and keep them clear.


The customer was able to run for extended periods of time without having to stop production to preform maintenance and replace worn or broken parts. More uptime, more production, no missed delivery commitments! What if we could help you deliver on-time, every time?