Rotary Die Cutting is a precise process that uses a die to cut rolled or sheeted material such as plastic, rubber, foil, cloth, paper, foam, and many others. This is a manufacturing process that cuts uniform shapes out of materials to create both component parts and final products for a wide variety of industries. The dies are custom, purpose-built, tooled cylinders that are used to cut, manipulate, and/or shape materials using a press. Sets or pairs of Rotary Dies are engineered to fulfill a specific function. Products made through this process can range from a simple blank label to a complicated multi-material, multi-process, tight tolerance product.

This is an incredibly adaptable process that can be used to create almost any flat fixture, part, or accessory. It can also be used in tandem to support more complex process that may be required to produce a final objective. Almost any material, shape and size can be cut using rotary die cutting – limited only by the size of the cylinders used. Compared to other cutting technologies, rotary die cutting is faster and more precise with less maintenance. Applications where large quantities and fast production times are required, rotary die cutting is far superior to other cutting processes.

Rotary die cutting can be applied to almost any industry. IMPACT has developed dies and systems for a wide variety of industries and applications – everything from auto parts to product packaging to medical part products and packaging to aerospace parts. Apart from being unbelievably adaptable, rotary die cutting is the fastest and most precise way to cut the widest range of materials in the broadest range of thicknesses.

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