The Game Crafter (TGC) had built its business from a fledgling startup as a niche game builder to a powerhouse in the custom gaming industry.  TGC’s full-line catalog now contained foldable game boards, many sizes of cards, mats, tiles, packaging, and more. They also added hundreds of new game pieces to the catalog, and the designer community added thousands of games to the shop.

To support their business, in 2011 the three partners dove head first into the printing business bringing all of their previously outsourced manufacturing into their facility in Madison, Wisconsin.

They invested in digital printing technology in order to accommodate the short runs necessary for custom games.

Since quality had been an ongoing concern with previous printing and cutting partners, TGC wanted a die supplier that could support their quality standards. Eventually their search of high quality tooling and equipment led them to IMPACT for rotary dies.

The first couple of rotary dies ran well so TGC asked the IMPACT team for their input on a trouble area – cracking on cartons with creasing.  In order to reduce cracking, TGC had identified three options, all of which would add to their production costs:

  • Add another pass to their production line
  • Use creasing matrix
  • Outsource the creasing process to another supplier with different equipment.


Based on their extensive knowledge of rotary tooling and the converting industry, the IMPACT team suggested the use of Tri-Crease – a specialty rotary tool.


Tri-Crease is a unique crease that can reduce or eliminate cracking by using three cutting lines to produce the crease. Because Tri-Crease is a single plate application, make-ready times are reduced while eliminating score cracking.

Using the new Tri-Crease rotary die from IMPACT, TGC not only improved the quality on their creases but also increased their efficiency by being able to cut and crease on the same pass.