Auxo Investment Partners has announced that six American tool and die manufacturers will now operate under one brand: IMPACT Converting & Systems Solutions. IMPACT is a single source for all converting needs and creates smart, precise, durable, and sustainable dies, systems and solutions.

“IMPACT’s vision is to provide customers with a holistic solution for their tool and die needs,” explains Jack Kolodny, founder of Auxo Partners, which specializes in growing founder and family-owned niche manufacturing, distribution and business-services companies.

“We brought the industry’s leading converting solution companies together to create the most comprehensive service offering available anywhere,” says Jerry Mosingo, CEO of IMPACT. “We can supply our customers with dies that make anything from a label to a complex product that has to run 1,300-1,400 revolutions per minute to a flat die that has to create hundreds if not thousands of parts per minute with fine detail and extravagant materials.”

IMPACT represents the combined expertise of the six U.S.-based companies:

  • Atlas Die, LLC (steel rule dies)
  • Bernal, LLC (wide web rotary dies and modules with advanced product and automation equipment)
  • Midway Rotary (solid steel narrow web rotary dies for complex applications)
  • AtlasFlex (flexible rotary and flatbed die innovations)
  • Die Craft, LLC (solid steel narrow web rotary dies, dominating the label industry)
  • GC Dies (steel rule die manufacturer for flat corrugated, rotary corrugated and flat steel rule die production)

IMPACT engineers dies for products that are the fabric of everyday living and those that make a difference in people’s lives. The company provides the tools to transform materials such as paper and plastic into a wide range of products, from adhesive bandages and cardboard pizza boxes to aerospace applications, sound-deadening devices for vehicles and heart valves.

By leveraging expertise across multiple markets, IMPACT can provide solutions that our tailored to customers’ specific needs. “We can take a technology that Bernal has been using and move it to a narrow-web application, producing a very good die at a much lesser price,” Scott Ellison, EVP of sales, tells L&NW. “You give that customer what they need and have the ability now to grow. The key for our team is we don’t have to sell a rotary die or a solid die – we’re able to look across the entire platform and identify the best fit for the customer.

“In the labels space in particular, Midway has always made a very high-end die,” adds Ellison.  “It lasts longer, it’s fully hardened, but what we didn’t have was that in-between model that would compete against a lot of our competitors lower-end product offerings. From a price standpoint, it was difficult to match up. If a customer is only going to need a million impressions on a die, they’re not going to pay the expense of a die that’s going to account for 5-7 million impressions. We can now make our dies fit perfectly for our customers’ specific projects, so we can now fit that niche and that’s where we have our competitors beat.”

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