Common converting is applied to objects and products we use or interact with everyday. From your license plate tabs to bandages, yogurt lids, to HVAC components – all made from rotary dies and converting systems. IMPACT’s professional team has extensive experience with the automotive, medical, packaging, and so many other industries. See just a few examples of our work below, or contact our team today to discuss your unique challenges.


From engine components to name plates, IMPACT has the solution to your next project’s challenge. Specializing in automotive components including gaskets, soundproofing, rearview display digital gaskets, and o-rings – our team of highly-experience professionals will help develop the most effective and efficient solution to fit your needs.


With solutions for personal protection equipment, pharmaceutical patches, and wound care – IMPACT has you covered on all projects that help heal your customers, when they need it most. Take a look at specific ways our dies have helped heal patients around the world.


From flexible packaging needs to labeling, IMPACT has helped businesses feed their customers and do so in a way unique to their needs. Lidding, tags and labels, and folding cartons are just a few examples. Find out all the ways we’ve helped packaging companies.


Whatever your project – abrasives, electronics, food processing – IMPACT is well-versed in creating unique solutions for all types of products in various industries.


We custom design and build an all-encompassing web-fed converting system for wide array of consumer products. Have a product in mind that requires the very best machinery available in order to manufacture? Our engineers specialize in designing rotary dies and machines to operate them around your needs, ensuring that our equipment is totally geared toward your unique application.

Batteries & Energy Storage

Whatever your project – abrasives, electronics, food processing – IMPACT is well-versed in creating unique solutions for all types of products in various industries.

Beverage Packaging

We produce highly durable and long-lasting rotary die cutting cylinders for just about every beverage label you can think of. Years of experience in the field has given us an intimate understanding of the very demanding requirements a finished product needs to meet throughout the industry, and both are fully segmented and solid RP die cutting cylinders are tooled for the highest and longest performance.

Commercial Printing

Our wide selection of dies aligns with the cutting demands of Commercial Printers. All of our dies are designed by and delivered with the our support. Our decades of experience with thousands of cutting jobs can be put to work for you. We have insights on how to get the best cut while maximizing press speeds to efficiently deliver an outstanding product.

Flexible Circuits

Our Eagle Die is uniquely suited for cutting flexible circuits. It is chemically etched and then machine-sharpened to create the tight tolerances necessary for the precise cutting of flexible circuits. The die base can be used repeatedly for multiple flexible circuit designs of the same overall dimensions. Additionally the Eagle Die is available with a variety of coatings to act as release agents and reduce the build-up on the die.


IMPACT's rotary flexible dies and Eagle Dies are ideal for all types of die cut labels. Our dies are capable of cutting a wide variety of materials, are suitable for long or short runs and can accommodate unique and intricate shapes.


Our rotary flexible dies and Eagle Dies are ideal for all types of industrial gaskets. Our experienced team will help develop the best process to fit your gasket product needs. Our flexible and rotary dies are the prefect solution for industrial gasket applications. From automotive gaskets, defense, medical and aerospace – we will guide you through the process in getting your product to market.



At IMPACT our expert staff is here to discuss any projects requirements over-the-phone or schedule a in-person consultation. If you're ready to learn more about our various die products or how we can assist on a project, click the button to the right.

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