IMPACT has over three decades of experience in producing cutting dies for medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.


IMPACT’s knowledgable team has over thirty years experience developing die cutting solutions for the medical industry. Tissue valves that keep a patient’s heart beating strong, transdermal patches to deposit medicine, and pharmaceutical packaging are just a few examples of our ability to get your product to market.

Our dies are used to produce a wide variety of medical and pharmaceutical products including tissue heart valves, transdermal patches and pharmaceutical packaging. We offer a variety of cutting die tooling suitable for a clean room environment.


Reduced Rejections thru Tight Tolerances – Our diemakers understand the importance of exact specifications and tolerances and craft each die to cut with precision.

In-Plant Cutting Expertise for Problem-Solving – We go beyond the cut by providing a team of technical experts available for in-plant consultation.

Increased Efficiency via the Eagle Die – The Eagle Die cuts with one continuous piece of sharpened stainless steel instead of multiple pieces of cutting rule. This technology is safer, more accurate and increases material efficiency by reducing the potential for material tearing.

The Moment of IMPACT

IMPACT’s industry knowledge is deep and vast, with experience and solutions for the growing demands of its customers’ converting needs. The experts at IMPACT look several steps downstream at its customer’s customers. The company can create a “moment of impact” when the consumer sees its product. IMPACT gives them the resources of experience, knowledge, and solutions to create – their moment of impact.

Customers benefiting from IMPACT’s one-stop-shop offerings include large national integrators with 200-300 facilities producing a wide range of items. They gain efficiencies by having one company service them. Converting is more than just cutting a box – it’s also folding, creasing, scoring it, making an opening feature that will tear when it’s supposed to but not before. IMPACT has found that most converters will use a combination of means to convert, cut, crease, and fold material. IMPACT is incentivized to offer the best solutions that meet all its customers’ requirements.

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