Premium die boards result in more re-knifes over the life of the board

Free die board to start!

High volume products can require multiple dies and a whole lot of changeover when the die needs to be sent in for re-knifing, therefore increasing make-ready time and also press downtime. Not only do we have 3 premium die board choices that will result in longer die life (Gamma, Rayform, & Neverdie) to keep the die on press longer between re-knifes, we have created 3 Premium Re-Knife Programs specifically designed to keep your project moving with minimal downtime:

  • 3 Million Impressions
  • 10-20 Million Impressions
  • 20 Million Plus Impressions


We are so confident our premium die boards will increase the die life on your high-volume projects that we are willing to provide a FREE PREMIUM DIE BOARD for you to try one of our Premium Re-Knife Programs.

  • IMPACT pays for the die board
  • You only pay for rule & re-knifes
  • Provide us with die output – we will provide the cost savings analysis

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