The Eagle Die is revolutionizing the die cutting business by expanding cutting options beyond traditional cutting restraints. Steel rule dies have bending limits. Laser cutting can be expensive. Because of these limitations and restrictions, jobs are turned down or need to be modified in order to be cut. No longer. The Eagle Die provides the ability to cut in-house detailed shapes that previously were not possible or only available through laser cutting. 


IMPACT is your solution to seamless, detailed die cut shapes. The rule-less cutting technology allows the Eagle to cut shapes not previously allowed by steel rule. Additionally, the Eagle Die can cut a wide variety of applications including cartons, greeting cards, overlays, flexible circuits and medical products.


  • Available as a stand alone die or as an insert into a steel rule die
  • Compatible with a wide variety of platen presses
  • Can be built to cut virtually any shape
  • Chemically etched and machine sharpened
  • Ideal for kiss-cutting applications
  • Easy mounting and registering results in reduced make-ready times

The Moment of IMPACT

IMPACT’s industry knowledge is deep and vast, with experience and solutions for the growing demands of its customers’ converting needs. The experts at IMPACT look several steps downstream at its customer’s customers. The company can create a “moment of impact” when the consumer sees its product. IMPACT gives them the resources of experience, knowledge, and solutions to create – their moment of impact.

Customers benefiting from IMPACT’s one-stop-shop offerings include large national integrators with 200-300 facilities producing a wide range of items. They gain efficiencies by having one company service them. Converting is more than just cutting a box – it’s also folding, creasing, scoring it, making an opening feature that will tear when it’s supposed to but not before. IMPACT has found that most converters will use a combination of means to convert, cut, crease, and fold material. IMPACT is incentivized to offer the best solutions that meet all its customers’ requirements.


From Start to Solution

We help create brilliantly designed, engineered dies, and systems.