We specializes in Custom Purpose-built Rotary Systems designed specifically for your application. Our unique skill set of advanced rotary die and die module manufacturing, automation, and component integration enables us to build the ideal rotary equipment solution. Whether you produce medical products, paperboard packaging, automotive parts, aseptic and liquid packaging, lead-acid batteries, snack foods, or any other general consumer products, consult with IMPACT.


Below are just a few areas where IMPACT excels Purpose-built Rotary Systems:
  • Heat Seal/Laminating
  • Vacuum Transfer
  • Stacking
  • Ultrasonics
  • Rotary Die Cutting/Scoring
  • Punching
  • Unwinding/Rewinding
  • Consistent Repeatability
  • Single Source
  • Turn-Key
  • Innovative Solutions

Medical/Pharmaceutical Systems

We design and manufacture purpose-built pharmaceutical grade rotary systems to meet your exacting specifications. Our web-fed rotary equipment is tailored to meet your specific standards and facility. To give you an idea of our capabilities, the high-speed Finger Bandage Machine can produce 3000 three-quarter-inch bandages per minute and our Alcohol Swab Machine is capable of 4080 filled and sealed pouches a minute.


Food Systems

IMPACT designs and manufactures custom food grade rotary systems to your specifications including sheeting, die cutting, forming, moulding, or embossing and/or conveying to your next process.


Battery and Energy Storage Systems

We precisely tool our machinery to process the high quality materials required for the manufacture of batteries including lead acid, lithium and other various types packaged in cylindrical, prismatic or pouch cell configurations. We can combine mechanical cutting, permeation, and high strength sealing processes to ensure reliable cells are manufactured with precision at rapid production speeds.

To learn more about the industries we serve or about dies in general, please download our FREE  Rotary Dies Guidebook.