Rotary Die Cutting is essentially a process that can cut or form materials into virtually any shape. Technological developments have expanded the processes that a rotary die configuration can perform. Die cutting is a primary go-to process in the material converting industry. In simple terms, rolled or sheet material like plastic, paper, steel and aluminum can be formed and shaped successfully with superb speed and accuracy.

IMPACT offers extensive options for rotary tooling including cutting, creasing/scoring, anvils, vacuum transfer, laminating, embossing, crimping, heat sealing, forming, punching, and moulding. These extensive options and features offered at Bernal are the first choice of manufacturers and their engineers. Our quality and attention to detail provide unmatched precision to the industry. Our tooling offers various levels of tooling life with the mix roll materials and additional coatings when applicable.

Some of the most common products made using Rotary Die Cutting are:

• Gable Top Packaging
• Aseptic Packaging & Pouches
• Beverage Carriers
• Frozen Food Cartons
• Paper Cups
• Flexible Packaging
• Aerospace Parts
• Metal Parts Forming/Cutting
• Automotive Adhesive Foam

• Cereal Cartons
• Overnight Mailer Envelopes
• Cigarette Packaging
• Electronic Circuit Boards
• Sanitary disposables
• Liquor Cartons
• Nonwovens
• Cereals
• Candy

• Fast Food Cartons
• General Folding Cartons
• Liquid Packaging
• Snack Foods
• Coffee Packaging
• And many more…

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