Rotary die cutting is a versatile fabrication process employed in a wide array of manufacturing sectors to precisely and efficiently cut, form, and shape a wide variety of materials ranging from paper to plastic, and from metal to edible food products. Rotary dies implemented across multiple industries can be fabricated to demanding and exacting standards for numerous applications. Rotary dies cut shapes, make perforations and creases, all while maximizing efficiency, minimizing wasted material and downtime. Rotary die cutting continuously processes a material through rotating circular cutting dies, eliminating the wasted time that is a part of traditional flatbed die cutting, start/stop presses and stamping dies during their cycle times. This efficiency results in unrivaled production output compared to other die cutting options.

Rotary dies and rotary systems are adaptable to a wide variety of highly sophisticated applications, including:

• Medical Products
• Beverage Packaging
• Labeling
• Gaskets

• Folding Cartons
• Batteries and Energy Storage
• Consumer Products
• Product Packaging