Die Modules For Every Cutting Operation

The precision modules we make allow our dies to operate at their highest speed and achieve the longest life possible. The rigid construction of our dies eliminates the flex that causes premature die wear and poor cut quality, resulting in a die that will outlast and outperform its competition.

IMPACT bearing housing designs can support our largest dies or cylinders up to 110” (2800mm) in product processing width and up to a maximum diameter of 35 inches (890mm). Available bearing designs are manufactured to extremely tight-tolerance specifications, and available with either oil or grease lubrication. The bearings used are of the highest quality and precision, and capable of the RPMs needed to reach die cutting speeds of up to 1,500fpm (500 mpm).

Below we break down the differences between our modules:

Single Slot Modules

Single slot modules carry four bearing housings in which the upper and lower tools are mounted. IMPACT offers this type of module with and without in-module stripping capability.

Double Slot Modules

Dual-slot modules deliver extreme precision between first and second station tooling. This arrangement allows two tool sets to be removed and kept in register with each other. The majority of our dual-slot modules are configured in a base-mounted or roll-in style, so the module can roll or lift onto a set-up platform.