Variety Of Materials That Achieve Optimal Quality Solutions

Steel Rule Dies cut a wide variety of outcomes and materials and, over the last 60 years, we’ve developed a line of dies to span the range of applications.

Steel rule dies

There are several different types of steel rule dies to fit your specific converting needs. They range from wood die boards to polymer die boards. Finding the perfect combination for customers is the goal, and IMPACT has the most comprehensive solutions in the industry.


Waste Removal to achieve optimal quality solutions Stripping tools remove waste during the converting process by ejecting the waste through a female board with openings. On-press stripping tools eliminate costly off-press waste removal processes such as removing waste by hand.



  • Wood and steel pin construction
  • Coated wood aids in sheet movement
  • Easily assembled and repaired if damaged


  • Most widely used stripping tool
  • Lowest cost tool with functional usage



  • Utilizes crown technology
  • Increases press speeds
  • Fully automated for accurate pin placement


  • Excellent for stripping complex areas and gullets
  • Small scrap areas



  • Utilizes claw technology
  • Eliminates most bottom pins
  • Fast lock-up
  • Reduces make-ready times
  • Prevents scrap bounce back


  • Small scrap areas
  • Narrow or hairpin slot areas



  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Waterjet produced for tight tolerances
  • Eliminates need to set individual bottom pins


  • Long running or frequently repeated applications
  • Layouts that require setting bottom pins

Blanking TOOLS

Blanking on-press delivers a uniform carton blank and eliminates the need for hand separating or air hammering off-press resulting in labor savings, reduced downtime, and faster folder/gluer speeds.


From inline Braille applications to embossing set up, our innovative specialty die and press tools create unique outcomes, increase process efficiency and help you get the most out of your press.


We manufacture a complete line of folding carton dies for both in-line and off-line use (with nearly any type of printing press or OEM cutters). We pride ourselves on folding carton rotary tooling designed to provide clean-cut and precise creased or scored product or web. We’re in the business of supplying total converting systems, so we have a complete understanding of the die requirements for the industry. This includes working with you and your team on designing new applications for the ever-evolving folding carton industry.

IMPACT has been serving the carton converting market for decades. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in carton design, production efficiency and cutting expertise. IMPACT’s rotary dies are ideal for today’s paperboard carton market due to their high-speed capacity and cost savings advantage over solid rotary tools. These dies are made from thin, flexible sheets of steel designed to wrap around magnetic cylinders. The combination of our performance rotary tooling and expert team can improve your efficiency and open new markets. 


  • Fastest changeovers in the industry 
  • Highest speeds 
  • Reduced scrap rates 
  • Increased press capacity 
  • Lowest cost-per-thousand 
  • Expert die maintenance, repair, and service


IMPACT’s knowledgable team has over thirty years experience developing die cutting solutions for the folding cartons and containers. Ranging from corrugated boxes, takeout containers and fast food cartons.

The Moment of IMPACT

IMPACT’s industry knowledge is deep and vast, with experience and solutions for the growing demands of its customers’ converting needs. The experts at IMPACT look several steps downstream at its customer’s customers. The company can create a “moment of impact” when the consumer sees its product. IMPACT gives them the resources of experience, knowledge, and solutions to create – their moment of impact.

Customers benefiting from IMPACT’s one-stop-shop offerings include large national integrators with 200-300 facilities producing a wide range of items. They gain efficiencies by having one company service them. Converting is more than just cutting a box – it’s also folding, creasing, scoring it, making an opening feature that will tear when it’s supposed to but not before. IMPACT has found that most converters will use a combination of means to convert, cut, crease, and fold material. IMPACT is incentivized to offer the best solutions that meet all its customers’ requirements.


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