Boyd—a manufacturer of engineered materials and thermal solutions—had been a rotary die customer of IMPACT for years, but wasn’t aware that IMPACT offered steel rule dies too.

When Boyd’s primary steel rule die supplier shut their doors in April, they were hesitant to rely on their secondary supplier—a smaller outfit with customer service issues. The secondary supplier had much longer lead times because they didn’t have the capacity to support higher volumes.

Boyd began their search for a new steel rule die supplier, and reached out to Atlas Dies as they had been happy with Atlas’s eagle dies in years past. It was through that search that they realized Atlas had come under the IMPACT umbrella, which presented an opportunity to consolidate suppliers.

Since consolidating with IMPACT, Boyd has enjoyed having one point of contact for steel rule dies who continues to be responsive and receptive to their needs, addressing communications quickly and thoroughly. Because of Boyd’s exemplary bill pay history, IMPACT was also able to extend terms, and simplify the onboarding process for an existing customer.

When asked whether they were concerned about lead time with a non-local die maker, Boyd responded, “Lead time isn’t an issue. If we ever have an urgent need we can opt to use NDA shipping. IMPACT’s service is worth waiting for shipping. I would rather have the die right the first time than waste time getting set up to go on press only to find out the die is wrong and you cannot proceed with the project that day. Being down (off press) makes a big issue for us—for all manufacturers.

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