Building Icons One Package at a Time

Since 1972, IMPACT Converting Systems has been producing Rotary Dies and Systems for the folding carton industry and have conquered many challenging conversion projects. Throughout the years, we have helped create some of the most iconic and recognizable packages from french fry containers to mega-size beverage cartons.

All of these enriching challenges have played a role in making IMPACT a world leader in in-line converting equipment for the Packaging Industry. Our dies and systems are used across the globe by boutique product manufacturers to Fortune 500 food producers. Our expertise in the design and build of dies and systems for folding carton packaging is unrivaled.


IMPACT Is More Than Just Packaging

Over the last 4 decades of perfecting real-world application and experience –  we have been asked to apply our vast wealth of engineering experience in a widely diverse universe of functions and operations. Along the way, we have become the leader in ‘Purpose-Built’ rotary systems and diversified our range of technical application of rotary systems to design and build equipment for many unique product and food processes. We not only make the carton, we also make the machine that makes the product!

Rotary dies and systems are highly adaptable to the manufacturing of many products and materials. Our machines cut and manipulate a range of products from common paper to food products to gaskets. IMPACT takes pride in its ability to creatively solve problems. Clients often bring us their greatest challenges and problems and ask us to develop solutions that reduce their costs, increase production and, ultimately, return greater ROI. We are experts in developing and implementing custom solutions for unique, difficult problems.

Our unique skill set of advanced rotary die and die module manufacturing, automation, and component integration enables us to build the ideal rotary equipment solution. Our portfolio of standard rotary system designs also allows us to configure technical solutions while minimizing cost. We design and build rotary systems with your product in mind. When you contact IMPACT, we determine precisely what we need to do to achieve the goals you’ve set and work with you to deliver a customized rotary equipment solution.

Whether you produce medical products, paperboard packaging, automotive parts, aseptic and liquid packaging, lead-acid batteries, snack foods, or any other general consumer products – think IMPACT Converting Systems first.