IMPACT’s Revolutionary Coffee & Tea Bag Converting System

This rotary converting system takes preprinted composite foil lamination and registers, wraps, and seals a Tea Bag inside a pouch and cuts it off creating a single Tea or Coffee Bag. This maintains freshness and allows for single servings. This rotary system is one product wide (about 4 inches) and operates at 300 ppm.

To package a finished single-serving of tea, this rotary system starts with a basic tea bag and string. The first step in the process involves a conveyor transferring that tea bag to the input position of the system. While that’s taking place, the rotary system is maintaining constant tension on the unwind of the preprinted lamination material that will eventually envelop the tea bag. Both top and bottom of the single serving wrap are printed side by side from the same roll of lamination material to maximize speed and efficiency.

Next, that lamination material (or “web”) is slit and taken through a set of turn bars to reorient the top and bottom so they’re in the right position to envelop the tea bag. The web length is closely monitored by the system to ensure precise matching of both the top and bottom webs, eliminating preprint registration errors that would cause costly pauses in the system.

Individual feed rolls and dancers are separate registrations of both the top and bottom slit webs, that allow for the perfect registration of both webs as the tea bag is inserted between them. Once the tea bag has been inserted, the top and bottom webs proceed to a rotary heated cross seal station and receive a nitrogen flush to eliminate any oxygen before the final sealing of both webs to create the finished pouch, maximizing shelf-life and product quality.

After sealing has been completed, the web moves further down the line to a final cutting station which trims excess web to leave each pouch looking precisely as intended. This rotary die cut pouch then makes its way to a stacker where each individually sealed bag is stacked and inserted into pre-printed cartons.

IMPACT’s coffee and tea bag converting system include a complete servo drive system retrofitted to the tea bag sealer and stacker, allowing for perfect synchronization between all three stations. The servo monitors and adjusts for basic synchronization, on-going registration, and tension loop feedback to precisely match the tea bag to the exact location it needs to be on the preprinted webs and to seal and cut in registration to the final assembled product.

Heated seal rolls are gear driven through an orbiting spur gear linkage system, keeping the upper and lower seal rolls matched mechanically to each other, while allowing over an inch of retraction to keep radiant heat from damaging the webs during production. This system also combines customer rotary system integration with other major pieces of equipment including rotary heat sealing, die cutting, slitting, and printed web registration and tension control.

To find out more about how an individually wrapped tea or coffee bag system could help you achieve unprecedented efficiency and crucial gains in product quality and shelf-life, give us a call or contact us via our website today!